Features (Selection)

Mystery Maestro
Listen, Winter 2017

Cleveland in Vienna
Listen, Winter 2017

A Winter Guide to Music, Opera and Ballet Around the Globe
New York Times, November 2017

Long-lost Lied: how a Kurt Weill song was rediscovered
Financial Times, November 2017

Visionary Traditionalist
Steinway Owners’ Magazine, Fall 2017

Exploring Rodin’s Place in Literary History
New York Times, October 2017

Üben, üben, üben – Mit Kirill Petrenko auf Tour
Berliner Morgenpost, September 2017

Staatsoper Berlin Finally Reopens. Sort Of.
New York Times, September 2017

Raphael Wallfischs musikalische Arbeit wider das Vergessen
Berliner Morgenpost, August 2017

Monteverdi Set Human Emotion to Music
New York Times, July 2017

For the Vienna Philharmonic, Summer Means Schönbrunn
New York Times, May 2017

Concerts Celebrate Isang Yun, a Musical Bridge Between Asia and Europe
New York Times, April 2017

Building the Future
Symphony Magazine, Spring 2017

Oper auf allen Kanälen
Berliner Morgenpost, July 2016

When One Instrument Speaks in Three Voices
New York Times, May 2016

In Berlin, Reinventing an Operatic Tradition
New York Times, December 2015

Die Berliner Philharmoniker in der Carnegie Hall
Berliner Morgenpost, November 2015

Urbild aller Männerchöre
Berliner Morgenpost, November 2015

Restoring the Legacy of a Composer
New York Times, August 2015

The Two Kurts : Weill as avant-garde composer and populist
Listen, Summer 2015

The Digital Concert Hall: A Digital Venue, Literally
Musical America Worldwide, June 2015

A Berlin Institution’s Lively Shift
New York Times, May 2015

When opera takes on the big issues
Financial Times, May 2015

Pierre Boulez’s Life in Service to Music
New York Times, April 2015

Aspiring to Democracy
Listen, Spring 2015

Special Report: 2015 Summer Festivals Guide
Musical America Worldwide, March 2015

Home of Polish National Opera Shines Again
New York Times, November 2014

Poland’s Concert Hall Revival
New York Times, November 2014

Opera of an Artist’s Life, Cut Short
New York Times, August 2014

Estonia’s Revolutionary Spirit, Embodied in Music
New York Times, July 2014

A Summer Feast of Classical Music
New York Times, May 2014

Richard Strauss and Dresden, a Bond Unbroken
New York Times, April 2014

German Choreographer Takes on Wagner
New York Times, April 2014

Detroit Symphony dives headlong into Streaming
New York Times, March 2014 (co-written with Michael Cooper)

Begegnung zweier Welten [a behind-the-scenes look into contemporary music programming at the Spoleto Festival USA]
Opernnetz, February 2014 (in German)

A Hall That Invites the Audience Into the Music-Making
New York Times, December 2013

Soprano of our Time: Barbara Hannigan [world premiere of let me tell you]
Gramophone, December 2013

Special Report: Movers and Shakers
Musical America Worldwide, November 2013

A New Operatic Harmony in Berlin
New York Times, November 2013

New Talent in Gütersloh [‘Neue Stimmen’ International Voice Competition]
Musical America Worldwide, October 2013

Classical Musicians, too, Make Berlin their Capital
New York Times, October 2013

Making Mobile Money
Musical America Worldwide Special Report, May 2013

The Main Event
Opera News, May 2013

Ensuring the Future of Das Lied
Musical America Worldwide, March 2013

Eternal Joy: The Persistence of Beethoven’s Ninth
Listen: Life with Music & Culture, Spring 2012

A Night at the German Grammys
Musical America Worldwide, October 2012

Masterclasses with the Master [Pierre Boulez at the Lucerne Festival]
Musical America Worldwidem, September 2012

The Holy Grail Goes HD [Bayreuth Festival launches first Live Cinema Broadcast]
Musical America Worldwide,
September 2012

Shifting Paradigms, Alternative Venues
Musical America Worldwide, March 2012

Late Night: ein Format für die nächste Generation?
Das Orchester
, February 2012 (in German)

Lunchen und Lauschen
Positionen, November 2011 (in German, co-written with Vera Emter)

A Preview of Germany’s Major Classical Music Festivals
also in German
Deutsche Welle
, May 2011

Berlin uneasy over Guggenheim’s Urban Research Project
Deutsche Welle
, May 2011

East Side Gallery Artists battle over Rights and Compensation
Deutsche Welle
, May 2011

Berlin Theater presents Turkish Subtitles
Deutsche Welle, April 2011

Berlin debates Future of Contemporary Art
Deutsche Welle,
April 2011

To teach the world…  [feature on live webcasting]
BBC Music Magazine
, August 2010

Profiles (Selection)

New Artist of the Month: Aleksey Semenenko
Musical America Worldwide, March 2015

New Artist of the Month: Francesco Piemontesi
Musical America Worldwide, January 2015

Pascal Dusapin’s Music Tests Mind and Body
New York Times, December 2014

Instrumentalist of the Year: Lisa Batiashvili
Musical America Worldwide, December 2014

Professionals of the Year: Profiles in Courage
Musical America Worldwide, December 2014

An Upstart Latvian in Ozawa’s Court
Listen, December 2014

New Artist of the Month:Juan Francisco Gatell
Musical America.Worldwide, December 2014

A Soprano of Nine Lives
Musical America.Worldwide, July 2014

New Artist of the Month: Omer Meir Wellber
Musical America Worldwide, June 2014

New Artist of the Month: Katarina Bradic
Musical America Worldwide, April 2014

Working Across an Artistic Divide [the composer Ari Benjamin Meyers]
New York Times, December 2013

A Fearless Violinist who enjoys jolting Audiences
Musical America Worldwide, November 2013

New Artist of the Month: Kit Armstrong
Musical America Worldwide, July 2013

New Artist of the Month: Yoel Gamzou
Musical America Worldwide, June 2013

New Artist of the Month: Avi Avital
Musical America Worldwide, April 2013

The Mysteries of Barbara Hannigan
Listen Magazine, Spring 2013

Bel Canto Queen Jessica Pratt
Opera Today, March 2013

New Artist of the Month: “The New Anna”
Musical America Worldwide, June 2012

Magdalena Kozena stretches her Flexible Voice
Los Angeles Times, May 2012

Hot Composer du Jour: Lera Auerbach
Musical America Worldwide, February 2012

Midwest Maestro: Muti to take Chicago’s Baton
Wall Street Journal, September 2010

Reviews (selection)

L’enfance du Christ, Philharmonie Berlin — moving but also clumsy
Financial Times, December 2017

Hänsel und Gretel, Staatsoper Berlin — lacking polish
Financial Times, December 2017

Fiddler on the Roof, Komische Oper Berlin — biting humour and nostalgia
Financial Times, December 2017

Lulu at the Wiener Staatsoper, Austria — the orchestra is the star of the evening
Financial Times, December 2017

Eine Totenfeier mit himmlischen Ausblicken
Berliner Morgenpost, October 2017

Saunders and Birtwistle, Musikfest Berlin, Philharmonie Chamber Music Hall
Financial Times, September 2017

Lucerne Festival Special Event Day, KKL Lucerne — thought-provoking
Financial Times, August 2017

L’incoronazione di Poppea, Lucerne Festival — authenticity and power
Financial Times, August 2017

For Opera-Bound, Competition Final Is All-Around Win
Classical Voice North America, July 2017

Mondparsifal Alpha 1-8, Theater an der Wien, Vienna — Wagner deconstructed
Financial Times, June 2017

Medea, Komische Oper Berlin — dramatic weight
Financial Times, May 2017

La damnation de Faust, Berlin — history as allegory
Financial Times, May 2017

Trip To The Moon: Gift To Amateurs, Laced With Maxim
Classical Voice America, May 2017

Old Music In New Venue: Paris Puts Hall In The Seine
Classical Voice North America, April 2017

Comic Sorochintsy: Pigs On Stilts In Ukrainian Village
Classical Voice North America, April 2017

A convoluted Death in Venice at the Deutsche Oper Berlin
Financial Times, March 2017

Scartazzini Opera Fails To Shock In Berlin Premiere
Classical Voice North America, February 2017

Rattle, Berlin Phil Explore Drama In Symphonic Music
Classical Voice North America, February 2017

Visual Magic Hits, Misses In Ravel, Stravinsky Bill
Classical Voice North America, February 2017

Verdi’s Requiem, Philharmonie, Berlin – ‘Serenity and Commotion’
Financial Times, January 2017

Berlin Philharmonic New Year’s Eve concert, Philharmonie, Berlin
Financial Times, January 2017

Berlin Philharmonic New Year’s Eve concert, Philharmonie, Berlin
Financial Times, January 2017

Europapremiere nach 61 Jahren
Berliner Morgenpost, December 2016

Mit Barenboim am Ufer der Moldau
Berliner Morgenpost, December 2016

Senza Sangue/Bluebeard’s Castle, Staatsoper Hamburg — ‘Murky’
Financial Times, November 2016

Mahler Chamber Orchestra, Barbara Hannigan, Lucerne Festival
Financial Times, August 2016

Die Liebe der Danae, Grosses Festspielhaus, Salzburg: ‘Sumptuous’ 
Financial Times, August 2016

Bloody Whispers, Ripped From The Headlines Of 1590
Classical Voice North America, July 2016

Incantesimi Plays With Spells, But Magic Is Missing
Classical Voice North America, June 2016

Dreamy Juliette Weaves A Spell In Berlin Debut
Classical Voice North America, June 2016

Das Orchester atmet mit seinem Dirigenten
Berliner Morgenpost, June 2016

Fresh From 1709, Steffani’s Amor Bows As If Anew
Classical Voice North America, May 2016

Flucht, Trauer und Hoffnung
Berliner Morgenpost, April 2016

Cello und Flöte finden in atmenden Melodien zusammen
Berliner Morgenpost, April 2016

Tristan und Isolde, Festspielhaus Baden-Baden — ’21st-century tensions’
Financial Times, March 2016

Orfeo ed Euridice, Staatsoper Berlin — ‘Musically compelling’
Financial Times, March 2016

Orfeo ed Euridice: Music Transcends A Deathly Concept
Classical Voice North America, March 2016

Ritter, Hexen und Götter bevölkern die Bühne
Berliner Morgenpost, March 2016

Neue Konzertreihe stellt Berliner Komponisten vor
Berliner Morgenpost, March 2016

Passend zur Weltlage: Eine unstabile Klangwelt
Berliner Morgenpost, February 2016

Friedrich Cerha: Ideal für ein nächtliches Konzert
Berliner Morgenpost, February 2016

Die Dreigroschenoper, Theater an der Wien, Vienna — ‘Driven by display, not depth’
Financial Times, February 2016

Francois Couperin und die Lust mitzutanzen
Berliner Morgenpost, February 2016

After Too Many Lifetimes, A Life Hollowed Out
Classical Voice North America, February 2016

Eugene Onegin By The Book, But As Pastoral Romance
Classical Voice North America, February 2016

Ruzicka’s Portrait Of A Philosopher More Of A Selfie
Classical Voice North America, January 2016

Debussy’s Light Shines In Pelléas by Sellars, Berlin
Classical Voice North America, December 2015

Tugan Sokhiev bringt klassisches Repertoire auf Trab
Berliner Morgenpost, December 2015

Rias Kammerchor widmet sich der Todessehnsucht
Berliner Morgenpost, November 2015

AIM Premieres, Flanked By Icons Of Avante-Garde
Classical Voice North America, November 2015

Ruptures, Restarts At German Festival Where New Reigns
Classical Voice North America, October 2015

Thielemann braucht keine protzige Pultshow
Berliner Morgenpost, October 2015

James Conlon dirigiert eine Märchenwelt herbei
Berliner Morgenpost, October 2015

Vasco Da Gama (Or L’Africaine) Under Full Sail in Berlin
Classical Voice North America, October 2015

Ballende Energie statt klassischer Schönheit
Berliner Morgenpost, October 2015

Zubin Mehta zeigt am Pult eine würdevolle Eleganz
Berliner Morgenpost, September 2015

Dissonanzen einer Duschszene: Rattle dirigiert “Psycho”
Berliner Morgenpost, September 2015

Barenboim Hails Schoenberg at Musikfest Berlin
Classical Voice North America, September 2015

Harding dirigiert durch wehmütige Landschaften
Berliner Morgenpost, September 2015

Lucerne Festival Embraces Beloved And Newest Fare
Classical Voice North America, August 2015

Lucerne Festival Honors the King of Modernism
Musical America Worldwide, August 2015

Spirit of Protest Spun From Blues And Avant-garde
Classical Voice North America, August 2015

Dancers Sing And Singers Dance In Sasha Waltz Orfeo
Classical Voice North America, July 2015

Magic Mountain the Opera is a Tough Climb
Musical America Worldwide, June 2015

Festival Reveals Piano Gems From A Siberian Prison
Classical Voice North America, June 2015

Komische Opera’s new Giulio Cesare offers gratuitous Violence
Musical America Worldwide, June 2015

An Impressive Podium Debut at the Berlin Phil
Musical America Worldwide, May 2015

Arvo Pärt + Robert Wilson= Profound Abstraction
Musical America Worldwide, May 2015

Intensive Meditation [review of Arvo Pärt-Robert Wilson premiere production, in German]
Opernnetz, May 2015

Peter Eötvös’s Senza Sangue: not for the Faint of Heart
Musical America Worldwide, May 2015

Eötvös, Bartók: Brothers In Opera, Without The Blood
Classical Voice North America, May 2015

Moses and Aron makes History in Berlin
Musical America Worldwide, April 2015

Moses und Aron takes Rocky Path at Komische Oper
Classical Voice North America
, April 2015

In Berlin, a Parsifal that mixes its Metaphors
Musical America Worldwide, April 2015

Puccini’s La Rondine, Deutsche Oper — review
Financial Times, March 2015

Puccini’s Gianni Schicchi/Bartók’s Bluebeard’s Castle, Komische Oper Berlin — review
Financial Times, March 2015

Musica Nova, Helsinki — review
Financial Times, February 2015

L’Orontea, Frankfurt Opera — review
Financial Times, February 2015

Vinterfest, Dalarna, Sweden — review
Financial Times, February 2015

Lucia di Lammermoor, Bavarian State Opera, Munich — review
Financial Times, February 2015

Lucia di Hyannis Port? Bel Canto Madness Updated
Classical Voice North America, February 2015

Davide Penitente, Felsenreitschule, Salzburg — review
Financial Times, January 2015

Virtuosity and intuition combine at Berlin’s Feuermann Cello Competition
The Strad, January 2015

Jörg Widmann’s Trauermarsch for Piano and Orchestra, Philharmonie, Berlin 
Financial Times, December 2014

Fidelio, La Scala, Milan
Financial Times, December 2014

Monumentale Abstraktion der Partitur
neue musikzeitung,  November 2014

In Berlin, Hélène Not So Belle And Tosca Is Teutonic
Classical Voice North America, October 2014

Deutsche Oper makes Strong Case for Meyerbeer
Musical America.Worldwide, October 2014

International Shostakovich Days Gohrisch
Financial Times, September 2014

Da Vinci’s Design For Gamba-Organ Voiced At Festival
Classical Voice North America, September 2014

Rossini Festival revives Aureliano in vocal Splendor
Classical Voice North America, August 2014

Schubert Rarity Fierrabras is Star of Salzburg Fest
Classical Voice North America, August 2014

Strauss’ Feuersnot Rings Authentic In Al Fresco Staging
Classical Voice North America, June 2014

Tannhäuser as Tanzhäuser, Staatsoper Berlin
Musical America Worldwide, April 2014

Elektra, Semperoper Dresden
Opera News, April 2014

Jeanne D’Arc and Giovanna D’Arco, Salzburg Festival
Opera News, November 2013

Gawain and Falstaff, Salzburg Festival
Opera News, November 2013

At the Verbier Festival, a 20th-Anniversary Celebration both big and small
Musical America Worldwide, July 2013

Ruhelose Seelen, Spoleto Festival USA
Opernnetz, June 2013 (in German)

Händel’s First Opera at the Boston Early Music Festival
Opera Today, June 2013

Automobilsymphonie: die New York Philharmoniker an den Dresdener Festspielen
neue musikzeitung, May 2013 (in German)

A Different Kind of Curse for Rigoletto, Deutsche Oper
Musical America Worldwide, April 2013

Unaufgelöste Emotionen: Zum Auftakt des Jerusalem International Chamber Music Festival in Berlin
neue musikzeitung, April 2013 (in German)

Der Kaiser von Atlantis, Staatsoper Berlin
Opera Today, February 2013

Lohengrin, La Scala
Opernnetz, December 2012 (in German)

In Berlin: Wolfgang Who?, Staatsoper Berlin
Musical America Worldwide, December 2012

Jeanne D’Arc—Szenen aus dem Leben, Deutsche Oper
Opera Today, November 2012

Parsifal, Deutsche Oper
Opera Today, October 2012

Einstein on the Beach, Brooklyn Academy of Music
Opernnetz, September 2012 (in German)

Kammermusik an der Lucerne Festival Academy
neue musikzeitung, September 2012 (in German)

Das Labyrinth, Salzburg Festival
Opera Today, August 2012

Giulio Cesare, Salzburg Festival
Opera Today, August 2012

At Berlin’s Staatsoper, a new Act for Lulu
NPR Berlin, April 2012

MärzMusik pays Tribute to John Cage
NPR Berlin, March 2012

356 Tage Cage in der AdK Berlin
Positionen, February 2012 (in German)

Berlin Musikfest as Pre-Season Warm-up
Musical America Worldwide, September 2011

Special Effects by Mother Nature [open-air Die Zauberflöte in Berlin]
Musical America Worldwide, August 2011

A Festival of Sound, Image, Movement [MärzMusik in Berlin]
Musical America Worldwide, April 2011

Contemporary Music, in Perspective [Ultraschall Festival in Berlin]
Musical America Worldwide, February 2011

A Rheingold for the 21st Century
NPR Berlin, August 2010

Das Klassik-Open-Air ‘Unter Sternen‘ in der Waldbühne
tip Berlin, August 2010 (in German)

Proserpina’s Loss of Innocence Explored [Spoleto Festival U.S.A.]
Musical America Worldwide, June 2010

Program Notes (Selection)

Messiaen’s Poèmes pour Mi
Universal Music Publishing Classical, December 2014

Grisey’s Les Espaces Acoustiques
Universal Music Publishing Classical, November 2014

Villa-Lobos’ Choros No. 8
Universal Music Publishing Classical,
 May 2014

Debussy’s Khamma
Universal Music Publishing Classical, March 2014

Xenakis’ Polla ta Dhina
Universal Music Publishing Classical, February 2014

Amériques by Edgar Varèse
Universal Music Publishing Classical, January 2014

Haydn, Symphony No.60 (Il Distratto); Janáček, Taras Bulba
Cleveland Orchestra, October 2013

Weill to Beethoven: War, Love and Loss (in German and English)
Ensemble Mini, June 2013

News (Selection)

Sir Simon Rattle ‘Perspectives’ brings Beethoven to Carnegie Hall
WQXR, November 2015

Was nicht digital ist, das verschwindet irgendwann
Berliner Morgenpost, August 2015 [Feature about the platform idagio.com, in German]

Berlin Philharmonic Chooses Kirill Petrenko as Next Conductor
Wall Street Journal, June 2015

New Online, Interactive View of Ligeti’s Works
New York Times, May 2015

Bach Portrait, Valued at $2.5M, Returned to Leipzig
Musical America Worldwide, April 2015

International Boris Goldstein Violin Competition responds to criticism
The Strad, February 2015

Bayreuth fires Parsifal Director
Musical America Worldwide, November 2014

Vienna Philharmonic to Invest Nilsson Prize Money in Archive
New York Times, October 2014

Vienna State Opera’s Music Director Resigns (co-written with Michael Cooper)
New York Times, September 2014

Deutsche Grammophon launches own Streaming Service
Gramophone, August 2014

Esa-Pekka pitches iPad Air, Live in Berlin
Musical America Worldwide, June 2014

Strasbourg Music Festival Closes, Cites Poor Ticket Sales
New York Times, June 2014

Plans for Barenboim-Said Academy in Berlin Unveiled
New York Times, May 2014

Introducing the new Vivaldi Four Seasons App
Gramophone, May 2014

Barenboim Goes Digital
New York Times, April 2014

Deals by the incoming La Scala Chief cause a Stir
New York Times, April 2014 (co-written with Gaia Pianigiani)

Russian Artists siding with Putin suffer Consequences
Musical America Worldwide, March 2014

Pop Label Honcho named Berlin’s Culture Minister
Musical America Worldwide, February 2014

Semperoper Intendant Contract Annulled
Musical America Worldwide, February 2014

Germany names new Culture Minister
Musical America Worldwide, December 2013

Vienna Staatsoper joins the Live Stream Crowd
Musical America Worldwide, October 2013

‘Colón Ring’ released for Wagner’s bicentenary
Gramophone, May 2013

New DG App shoots to Top of Charts
Musical America Worldwide, May 2013

Bayreuth Festival to get new Exec
Musical America Worldwide, April 2013

Riccardo Muti speaks out on Italian Politics
Musical America Worldwide, April 2013

Deutsches-Symphonie Orchester performs Prokofiev’s Ivan the Terrible with New Narrations
January 2013

Simon Rattle to Exit Berlin in 2018
Musical America Worldwide, January 2013

Universal Dissolves Classics & Jazz Department
Musical America Worldwide, December 2012

Salzburg Fest Unveils 2013
Musical America Worldwide, November 2012

Barenboim Unveils New Academy in Berlin
Musical America Worldwide, November 2012

Katharina Wagner May Exit Colón Ring
Musical America Worldwide, November 2012

Two Suitors Vie for Cologne Opera
Musical America Worldwide, May 2012

Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau dies
Musical America Worldwide, May 2012

Cologne Opera GD Resigns in Protest
Musical America Worldwide, April 2012

Bayreuth Ticketing Charges Dropped
Musical America Worldwide, February 2012

The Berlin Phil’s New Improved Easter Festival
Musical America Worldwide, January 2012

Lawsuits Threatened over Elbphilharmonie
Musical America Worldwide, November 2011

Bayreuth Festival finds its ‘Ring’ Director
Musical America Worldwide, October 2011

New Salzburg Fest Intendant Predicts ‘Paradigm Shift’
Musical America Worldwide, September 2011

Bonn Intendant Resigns
Musical America Worldwide, July 2011

Salzburg Ticketing under Fire
Musical America Worldwide, June 2011

Berlin Phil, Charging ahead in 2012
Musical America Worldwide, June 2011

Prague Opera’s Independence Threatened
Musical America Worldwide, March 2011

Plans for Cologne Opera in Flux
Musical America Worldwide, March 2011

András Schiff Persona non Grata at Home
Musical America Worldwide, January 2011

Adam Fischer Exits Hungarian State Opera
Musical America Worldwide, October 2010

Reinhold Brinkmann dies
Musical America Worldwide, October 2010

German Orchestras on Strike
Musical America Worldwide, October 2010

Christoph Schlingensief dies
Musical America Worldwide, August 2010


New Shostakovich Recordings Highlight Composer’s Ambiguity
Wall Street Journal, May 2015

A Magical Moment at the Met
Musical America Worldwide, March 2014

Alisa Weilerstein on recording Elgar’s Cello Concerto with Daniel Barenboim
Gramophone, January 2013

Anne-Sophie Mutter on her Circle of Friends Foundation
also in German
Deutsche Welle, August 2011

Interview with Berlin-based composer Stefan Keller
strand.net, May 2011 (in German)

Interview with Pianist Leif Ove Andsnes
Deutsche Welle, December 2010